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Elementary Russian in Patterns

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A.N. Shevaldishev and S.P. Suvorov. Elementary Russian in Patterns.
Punlishing house «Soviet Encyclopedia», 1964 — 656 p.

This book is intended for beginners, primarily those
who wish to visit the USSR and to get along without
an interpreter, at the same time learning some
of the commonest types of Russian sentences
and elementary vocabulary which could provide
a basis for further study.
The authors realize that this aim could be attained
either by merely practising properly arranged sentences
or by combining this practice with learning certain
rules of grammar. They are well aware that there is
a large number of people who thoroughly
dislike learning any grammar rules.
Success in mastering the elements of Russian
therefore is not made conditional on the learning of rules.
But the rules are there for those who may find them helpful.

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